Salesforce Activity Tracking

Here’s What No One Tells You About Salesforce Activity Tracking

We have heard it many times when we ask businesses why they use Salesforce that the reason is being able to manage everything from production to sales in real-time and that it includes sophisticated reporting. But the biggest enemy of getting reliable reports is bad information and bad data. One of the biggest obstacles is that sales managers cannot access reliable reports around their sales rep’s activity- voicemails, emails, phone calls, and calendars- because of this problem. Important information can be lost when sales reps are not faithfully inputting their data or activity tracking Salesforce. Sales manager’s efforts to help their sales reps increase log activity can be like pulling teeth and everyone ends up frustrated. But this is where SalesDirector’s Autoscribe can be helpful!

Salesforce Tracking


Sales Managers and Salesforce

Sales managers speak to their sales reps and the response is usually that there are too many boxes to fill and the number of clicks is outrageous. Let the experts at Rain Bird send you a list of top-rated irrigation repair near me  install your new irrigation system or … Comply with all local codes and regulations.. We do not want them stressing out over having to remember to put every little detail into the CRM and then wondering if they forgot some information. Making the use easier and stream-lining the Salesforce experience is needed by sales managers to get the required solid data. This is exactly the reason why Autoscribe was made available.

Autoscribe Offers 100% Automated Contact and Activity Capture

Autoscribe has managed to eliminate the need for a sales rep to manually enter data and reduce the stress of both the sales reps and sales managers. This creates a sales environment where everyone’s needs are being met from sales rep to manager. Sales reps can do what they need to be doing without having to lose time entering vital information. They can focus on selling instead of entering data entry automation in the CRM.  Sales managers can get real-time information that can be used instantly. Managers can then coach sales reps exactly when it is needed, and both have a better experience. Sales reps that need the coaching can receive it (when they need it) and this results in higher sales with quota achievement. It is a win-win situation. 

salesforce activity capture

   Autoscribe also offers:

  1. Automatic Contact Creation
  2. Works with GSuite or Office 365/Exchange
  3. Attaches Contacts to the Right Opportunities
  4. Automatically Logs Calendar Events and Emails
  5. Individual or Service Account Integration
  6. Server to Server with no Plugin Issues

Salesforce is a great tool when it has the right tools to make the working experience easier for everyone. Are you ready to take your sales team to the next level?

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