Why You Should Not Go to Worldwide Electric Motors

Worldwide Electric Motors is a company that provides electric motors, reducers, and drives. They are headquartered in New York and have six warehouses spread across the United States from which they distribute the products that you purchase. They have 24/7 support and guarantee that you will always speak to a live person. Sounds good, right?  

What’s Its History?

In 1998 two managers of the Ajax Motor Corporation and WEG left Ajax after it was purchased by WEG. They set out to start their own company and Worldwide Electric Motors was born. The two had managed the motor programs at their respective companies and founded the new company by combining both their sales expertise and their motor sourcing knowledge. They both had extensive knowledge of the Asian and Brazilian manufacturing capabilities and used this knowledge to build their inventory and product offerings. 

Initially, they contracted with Beijing Electric to brand their motors, but then expanded and became a distributor for Siemens. Next, they expanded their product line further and sold Taiwanese motors under their name. In 2010 they again expanded their manufacturing base and added Hyundai Electric motors to their inventory. As of this writing, they are the distributors of products from China, Taiwan, Korea, and the United States.

What Do They Manufacture?

As a company, Worldwide Electric Motors is not a manufacturer of products. It does not design motors and then manufactures and distributes them. It is simply a distributor of products manufactured by someone else. Yes, you may get great customer service because you can talk to agents 24 hours a day and they are live agents, but your product is not made In the United States and if you need a custom product you probably cannot get it from them.

What Are the Benefits of U.S. Based Companies? 

Worldwide Electric Motors is a U.S. based company as are many distributors of motors. The difference is that Worldwide Electric Motors is able to offer you lower-cost products because they are manufactured overseas, not in the U.S.  The materials used to manufacture the products are of a different quality than the materials used to manufacture products in the U.S. If a product is manufactured here, you can be sure that it meets all the standards required of your application. 

There are companies that have chosen to make specific parts out of the country and have come back to their previously sourced supplier due to problems with the quality or reliability of the finished product. 

Products made here can, for example, take advantage of Leeson Motors’s ability to work directly with you to manufacture a custom motor that you need for a particularly unique application. That can’t be done if the product is manufactured across an ocean. 

Aside from quality or reliability, if your distributor is located overseas, you are subject to issues in other countries that could disrupt the supply chain. The current problem with the Coronavirus is a perfect example. China, to contain the virus, has had to shut down factories in the affected towns. It is already affecting the supply chain for certain products and causing their stocks to tumble. Made in the USA has many more benefits than simply supporting the country.

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