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Weight Loss Can Be Fun!

For as long as weight gain has been an issue, fad diets and gimmicky weight loss products have been around. It seems that the search for a weight-loss shortcut is a never-ending quest. One thing remains constant: to lose weight and keep it off involves a lifestyle change. This means being aware of what we eat and making changes to increase our level of physical activity. 

Fad diets and ineffective weight loss products will always be around. People will always seek a shortcut to weight loss when we know the answer is through making the right food choices, eating in moderation, and ramping up our physical activity. 

Dr. Mike Bishop from Camp Pocono Trails, the leading summer weight loss program for teens states, “Three decades of experience have taught us that we can make weight loss fun. In fact, weight loss should be fun so that it is sustainable for years to come.” 

Here are three tips to keep your weight loss journey fun:

Tip #1: Pick a partner to take the journey with you.

weight loss journey fun

Things are just more fun when you do it with friends. Find a weight loss buddy that you can check in with on a regular basis. You can plan structured activities like going for a walk each day and checking in on the number of steps taken at the end of the week. 

Also, just having someone to support you when you feel like overeating or not going to the gym can be very helpful. Having a friend to be accountable to increases your chance of weight loss success. Fat loss tips that aren’t whacky or unsustainable can be hard to find. Distinguish the facts from the fads and learn how to lose fat, the healthy

Tip #2. Identify foods that you love that are low in caloric density.

bland foods

Weight loss does not have to be bland foods that you don’t enjoy eating. So get out a pen and piece of paper and write down all those foods that you love that are low in calories. 

Examples can be watermelon, sweet potatoes, or your favorite fruit or vegetables. Remove High caloric density foods from your house and make sure your favorite local or density foods are in abundant supply. 

Tip #3. Set up rewards for yourself.

After you have kept up with your diet plan for 30 days, plan a special trip or have some type of incentive. Clothes shopping after weight loss is always a great incentive. Set rewards for yourself based on your health and fitness goals and be sure to celebrate your victories. 

A bonus tip is to attend a weight loss camp like Camp Pocono Trails. Camp Pocono Trails serves close to 1,000 campers every summer, many of which who come back year after year because of the fun they have experienced in previous summers.

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