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5 Criteria You Need to Consider Before Choosing Your Investment Loss Attorney

If you have questions about investment losses you have experienced and believe that you are a victim of misconduct, then you need to meet with an experienced investment loss attorney as soon as possible. However, you should always make sure that the lawyer you’re meeting can actually help you. But how do you narrow a potentially long list of qualified attorneys down? Ask yourself these five questions as you seek out the right lawyer to help you.

1. Have you met or talked with an attorney?

First of all, have you yet met or talked with any qualified attorneys about your case? You definitely should, pronto. Put together a list of those investment loss attorneys that you feel are qualified to help you. 

Once you talk with these individuals, this can help narrow down which lawyers is right for you. You should always choose someone who you feel you can trust. If you feel someone is shady, don’t work with them. You don’t have to simply choose the first attorney that you meet with. Look around and do some research to find the right one!

2. What’s their contingency plan?

Find out whether these attorneys work on contingency or no contingency. Many investment loss attorneys work on contingency, which means that you do not need to pay them upfront. You only need to pay your lawyer fees after you win your case. If you do not win, they do not get paid. Always read any agreements or paperwork that you sign, as well as ask your attorney about their contingency policy.  

5 Criteria You Need to Consider Before Choosing Your Investment Loss Attorney

3. What past cases have they done? What specific area do they specialize in?

You also want to understand what their past cases have entailed. What cases did they win? Do they have a specific area of investment loss or broker misconduct that they seem to practice in — and do they practice in the field that you believe your case is related to?

You also need to make sure you go to an experienced investment loss attorney (something we stated above). Attorneys without experience in representing victims of Ponzi schemes may not quickly understand the many different laws and guidelines that your case falls under. You want someone who is experienced in this area and has handled other cases on behalf of Ponzi scheme victims. While past cases are not indicative of future success, they may be indicative on the experience accumulated by the attorney. 

4. Do they have any relevant background experience?

Check out what their background entails. Do your research. Don’t just look at their past cases and what they have done as a lawyer. Have they only been a lawyer at this particular firm, or have they also had experience working with Wall Street or elsewhere that is also relevant?

5. Do they have any testimonials or referrals from others? Do you trust them?

Finally, check out what past clients have said about them. They may have a testimonial section on their page, but a simple Google search may let you know how they’re regarded by those they’ve helped in the past.

Overall, you just need to be able to trust them. Obviously, your trust has just been betrayed, so this is easier said than done. Looking at any referrals or testimonials can help set your mind at ease. 

Choosing an Investment Loss Attorney

Obviously, choosing an investment loss lawyer is difficult. However, if you ask yourself these questions above, you may be able to narrow down your search and find the right attorney for you!

This blog does not offer any specific legal advice. If you feel that you are a victim of investment loss, or if you would like to discuss your case more, contact an expert attorney today.

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