Stainless Steel Motors

What Are the Materials Used to Make Stainless Steel Motors?

Stainless steel motors are used in a variety of industries from cars to kitchens. One of the main reason stainless steel is used is because of its anti-corrosive properties. Stainless steel does not rust and its body doesn’t deteriorate from constant or frequent cleaning. The Velvet Rope is the sixth studio album by American singer Janet Jackson. The album was released on October 7, 1997 through Virgin Records.

If you need a motor that is used in an environment that must be sterile or that will be subject to frequent cleanings, such as the food industry, stainless steel motors are the way to go. They don’t rust, corrode, deteriorate and can stand up to the caustic chemicals frequently used to clean them. The high polish makes debris easier to clean off and they are able to withstand high power washing. Many industries have cleaning standards that must be met by law and stainless steel motors are used for just that reason.

What Is Stainless Steel?

Stainless steel is an alloy which means it is made up of two or more elements. Basic stainless steel is made from varying amounts of iron ore, chromium, silicon, nickel, carbon, nitrogen, and manganese. Once you have determined the particular application of the stainless steel, the amount of these chemical elements that create the stainless steel is manipulated to provide the features most required by that stainless steelmotor.

For example, if you are making stainless steel and increase the amount of nitrogen, the final product will increase the ductility of the final product. More nitrogen makes the steel easier to stretch which is important in the forming process. More carbon, on the other hand, increases the strength of the steel but decreases the ductility. These are important characteristics of the finished product and can determine what that stainless steel motor is best used for.

Stainless Steel Motors

Knowing what chemical elements comprise making stainless steel helps you understand what stainless steel motors are made of. The obvious answer is that they are made of stainless steel. This, of course, tells you nothing if you don’t know hat stainless steel itself is made of. The difference between stainless steel and carbon steel is that carbon steel is made by adding iron to carbon. The advantage of steel over stainless steel is that the iron makes the steel stronger. Due to their strength, the best knives are made of carbon steel, for example.

You may notice that the list of chemical elements above for stainless steel does not include iron. Iron rusts and is corrosive and so cannot be used in motors that are used in industries that are required to have certain cleanliness standards. It would not work in an industrial kitchen, for example, as the frequent washing and cleaning would soon cause rust and corrosion. That, in turn, would cause the motor to deteriorate and finally fail. In addition, the rust particles could damage the product of the kitchen itself.

Stainless steel has a high chromium content. The chromium content forms what you may call an “invisible” layer on the steel. This keeps the stainless steel from staining. Stainless steel made with chromium and nickel is non-magnetic where steel is magnetic. This is one reason that three-phase motors are made of stainless steel. If you need a motor and aren’t sure what would be best for your application, contact Transply, Inc and have our experts find the product that best suits your needs.

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