Forest Formulations Capsules

The Benefits of Powerful Forest Formulations Capsules vs Simple Herbal Collections

When you first enter the world of health supplements, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. There’s so much new information to take in, products to discover and brands to research. Unfortunately, there’s also a lot of minefields to trek through, as many companies try to convince you (sometimes through underhand tactics) they offer the best of what you’re searching for.

 Sadly, many health supplement companies choose their products according to what sells best. This might sound good at first, but don’t be fooled. But when we tell you at RAW Forest Foods, we create our products according to what works best, you can see there’s a big difference.

The disadvantages of simple herbal collections

We don’t like to bad-mouth other companies, but we believe you deserve to know the truth. Some brands out there, even ones created by well-known herbalists, offer little more than combinations of herbs which sound like they work well together. 

For example, these companies will see which is their first best-selling product and which is their second best-selling product. They’ll then create a new product which is a combination of the two, assuming that the resulting product will sell exceptionally well. They don’t take into consideration the relationships some herbal tonics share and how some herbs can enhance or hinder the abilities of others.

 This results in a product that sounds great at face value, but does very little for your short- or long-term health. Instead of investing time and resources creating a product which does everything they claim, they spend a lot of money on marketing and flashy branding to attract your attention and win you over.

The RAW Forest Foods difference

Our goal at RAW Forest Foods is to provide our customers with the building blocks they need to achieve optimum health and wellness, physically, spiritually and mentally. 

We started as a simple blog way back in 2010 with the goal of teaching others the importance of pine pollen and how they can make their own pine pollen tinctures at home. Before long, we became the first company to bring pine pollen to the US and then the first to integrate it into a true formula.

 Fast forward almost one decade and today we’re one of the leading sources of pine pollen. Since introducing our first product into the country, we’ve broadened our scope without losing sight of the strict commitment which got us started in the first place — finding and formulating products that meet our obsessively high standards, deeply rooted in tradition, science, quality and integrity.

The benefits of Forest Formulations capsules

Leveraging the assistance, knowledge and skills of master herbalists born in families who have worked in their field for generations, we create unique and remarkably effective herbal supplement formulas we call Forest Formulations.

We craft our truly one-of-a-kind formula blends with the health needs and wellness goals of our family of customers in mind. All our formulas, from our Forest Formulations capsules to our Forest Formulations powders, are specialist products made specifically for you.

Carefully crafted formulas

We closely study tonic herbs as much as we can and combine them in the way which best brings out their true benefits. For example, in our Beta-Sitosterol Forest Formulations Capsules, we combine beta-sitosterol with Swedish flower pollen because they’re both highly regarded for their ability to support prostate health, particularly when it comes to benign prostatic hyperplasia. By combining both of these naturally-produced chemicals, we’re able to provide our customers with much better quality and more effective product.

Potent extractions

Many of the herbs we source have little to no value when plucked straight from nature and used in herb collections. To combat this, we thoroughly extract them to ensure our customers reap the full benefits.

For example, our Pure Malaysian Tongkat Ali Extract Forest Formulations Capsules include a full spectrum eurycoma longifolia 200:1 extract. This ensures maximum benefits and no isolates that simply wouldn’t be possible using the regular, unextracted eurycoma longifolia that other companies use.

Constantly improving

Customer satisfaction is at the top of our priority list. And to ensure we continue helping people achieve their health and wellness goals, we’re constantly improving our products wherever we can.

Just take a look at our ESF Pine Pollen Alchemy Forest Formulations Capsules. Our third-generation brand new formula contains 17.6% more active ingredients than our previous products, resulting in a better product for our customers. 

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