What You Need to Know About Glass Pipes 101


Pipe smoking has been in practice for centuries. It is the way of tasting fumes from burning  a material(tobacco commonly) using a pipe. Information about Who, when and where  it was first invented still remains a mystery up until now. But, it can be traced back to the native Americans who ceremoniously smoke tobacco mixed  with other herbs, this was way before the 16 th century when tobacco was first introduced to Europe.


Pipes utilized can be fashioned from a variety of materials: prier, clay, glass, corn cob, ceramic, metal, wood etc. Nowadays with cannabis smoking gaining popularity, it is evident why glass pipes wholesale suppliers are becoming one of the hottest items searched and bought over the internet, and why more and more entrepreneurs are venturing into the Glass Retail Industry. *(insert media for a variety of pipes, highlight Glass pipes! Products from luxe)*

Why Glass Pipes? Why not Wood or metal?

Glass are very clean material and is a poor heat conductor unlike metals, it allows the user to hold the bowl without being burned. IN addition, smoking through a glass pipe gives off a distinct flavor, unlike other materials such as wood and metal that gives off toxic fumes and odor that affect the experience and flavor of smoking due to repeated usage . Furthermore, it is gratifying, convenient and durable!

Glass Pipes

Glass Pipes

wholesale glass waterpipes are incredibly convenient and versatile smoking pipes. They not only  come in a variety of  shapes and sizes but are also uniquely customized (handmade and painted) so that each pipe is distinctive to each user. Manufacturing it in this manner enables smokers to express their personality through the look of their pipes. Glass pipes are considered to be the most classic smoking pipe for their ease of use and durability.

Types of Glass Pipes

There are a variety of pipes available in the market to this date, here are some of the most sought-after Glass Pipes  you need to know.

Spoon Pipes

This type of Pipe is the most popular and usual among the Glass pipes . These pipes are handheld and have four sections (mouthpiece, neck, bowl, and carburetor). At the end of the pipe is a bowl which you can pack your cannabis in, below it is a tiny hole that permits fumes to pass down from the spoon end to the body of the pipe. The Carburetor or “carb” is another tiny hole adjacent to the bowl, it serves as a regulator of airflow within the pipe, this is done by covering and uncovering it with your fingers. The body of the pipe extends out away from the bowl and carb, ending in a third opening, called the mouthpiece. Because you can control how long you breathe in, these pipes are great for being discreet yet enjoyable.

Novelty Pipes

These Pipes are for the inner geek and nerd inside all of us. Each pipe is specially handcrafted with intricate details according to your preferences-whether it’s a nod to your favorite show, a glow in the dark pipe, or simply a dragon theme because you just love dragons- the sky’s the limit with these kind of pipe.



These pipes are noticeably different from the spoon pipes as they are straight and do not have a bowl. The purpose for this is to inhale a lot of smoke very quickly to deliver a fast powerful hit. The Steamrollers are the most complicated to use and are not for beginners.


The Chillum appears just like a steamroller and is more user friendly. This pipe doesn’t have a carb and is almost shorter than the former. It can be manufactured from different materials. *(images of glass pipe, link to products)*



Bongs are defined by the inclusion of a water chamber. As smoke bubbles through the chamber, the water simultaneously cools the smoke and filters out heavy particulates, producing smoother, cooler, and all-around better-tasting smoke.


It is a  cross between a pipe and a bong .A bubbler pipe is basically a smaller, handheld bong that functions like a spoon. It provides a smoking experience similar when using a bong but in a more convenient and handy way.

Dab Rigs

Dab rigs, also known as “concentrate rigs” or “oil rigs,” come in a variety of shapes and sizes, they always provide a more direct inhale than alternative pipes. It typically utilizes the same water filtration system concept like a bong. But instead of a bowl, a dab rig typically uses a nail or banger made from glass, quartz, or titanium. Once the heated chamber reaches the desired temperature, the concentrate is dabbed and filtered through water before being consumed. Dab rigs are a way to minimize both water contact and the time it takes for the vapor to reach your lungs so you can maximize the benefits of your concentrate.

Dabbing is a way to inhale vapors more directly than what is possible with traditional bubblers. Dabbing is a great way to enjoy the full richness of your concentrates.

Now you’re familiar with the various Glass Pipes available out there! Start shopping for your GlassPipes @

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