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Six Things You Need to Do While Termite Control in York Pa

If you are suffering from the problem of termites at your place, chances are you are here to know more about the same. You are soon going to have your house tented to get rid of all the termite infestation. Various chemicals go into the process which could harmful for humans otherwise. Therefore, it is recommended that you take this whole process seriously. Here are certain things that you can do 

  1. The pest control treatment you opt for your termite problem is going to take a lot of efforts by the company to treat. There are going to be various chemicals going to be used. But as a York PA homeowner, you must know that certain chemicals are not supposed to be used by you. Chemicals like Methyl Bromide and chlorpyrifos are banned from use.
  2. You are going to be out of the house for about 48 hours, and therefore you are going to ask your pest control company for provisions regarding home security and patrolling. Many pest control companies do provide contacts and specific provisions to homeowners to keep their home safe, while they are away. This is needed not during the process, but once the process is done and all the chemicals that need to air out so that you can come back. You can also seek help from local law enforcers to keep a check on your York PA residence, now and then.
  3. You would want to create some space for the tend to be laid out in front of the house. And, for this you would want to go ahead and trim your shrubs and plants, to allow some space for the tent. All kinds of plants that are climbers in nature must be removed, and you are required to dig bulbs which are within the perimeter of your home. On the D-day, you are supposed to clear the area after watering it to a depth of about 6 inches. This will protect the plants for the next couple of days, and would also save them against all the chemicals.
  4. If you are an owner of houseplants, you would want to remove them from your home or any containers in your home. You would need to make arrangements for not just your plants, but your pets as well, for a minimum of 48 hours. Unless your pest control company says it, you will not be allowed inside your house because of the harmful chemicals used.
  5. You should make sure you remove food items- of both yourself, and your pets; you should remove your medicines, and your tobacco products from the premises of your home. With the different kinds of chemicals used during the process, these items could be damaged and could cause problems for your health, if later consumed.
  6. Before you vacate your home, you should also take care of all kinds of furniture that you own at your place. You should remove the plastic covers from them or any other forms of covers that are covering your furniture. If not, this could interfere with the termite control process.

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