Top 4 Hunting Knives

Hunting knives

When it comes to hunting, there is nothing more exciting than spotting a buck. Unless, of course, you manage to take the perfect shot. What happens next? Well, prepare your deer buck (or hog, turkey, etc.) for dinner, of course with a hunting knife.

You could pay someone to gut and skin your kill, whether a deer or something larger, but there’s something special about doing it yourself. After all the hard work and early morning waiting, you can feel an even greater sense of pride when you pull out your hunting knife and finish the job yourself. Finding the perfect tool for the job is easier than ever because you can buy a hunting knife online.

What makes a great hunting knife? Robust, sharp, portable, and capable all come to mind. Affordable might be a big plus, too. Read on for some of the top-rated hunting knives currently available.

1. Open Season Skinner by Buck

This hunting knife makes skinning your buck easy. Specially designed to help gut and skin, the sharp blade and special gut hook will make quick work of your deer. The grip is designed to reduce slippage even when things get slick.

2. Grizzly Creek by Benchmade

If you’re worried about your gut hook getting caught up while boning or deboning, this hunting knife features a hook that folds up into the handle and out of your way. The blade keeps a sharp edge and can handle jobs both big and small.

3. Survival Knife by Off Grid

If your hunting knife needs are more survival than skinning, this might be a versatile tool to carry with you on your hunting trip. The blade is sharp enough to handle your basic hunting and tactical needs, but the real kick is in the features. This single piece contains a fire starter, flashlight, seat belt cutter, and glass breaker. To keep the blade sharp, the sheath comes with a built-in sharpening stone. Carry this blade for hikes and wandering walks in the woods.

4. Buck Knives 119 Special by North 40

Currently the top-rated hunting knife according to Google, this sleek design might be an excellent addition to your hunting arsenal. The single-edged 6-inch clip blade is one piece for a solid feel. Take this knife on your next hunting trip when you are feeling sentimental; Buck Knives are high-quality blades often handed from parent to child to preserve the family’s hunting legacy.

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