Why Sober Living Houses Are Not Bad For Your Neighborhood in York PA?

Sober Living Houses

There are seen examples of many people who have a fear of the unknown. One such fear is that of a sober house in the neighborhood of an average York PA residence. When a group of people who are trying to recover from drugs and alcoholism move around your neighborhood in order to cure themselves of the problems they have been going through, an average person would be a bit scared.

Time and again there have been reported incidents where the residents of a particular neighborhood have complained about residents of sober houses as breaking and violating law, causing damages, and are also zoned out of the normal neighborhood. However, all these are deemed discriminations under various laws like Federal Americans with Disabilities, and other housing statues as well. In fact, the people who are residents of a sober living house are entitled to an accommodation of reasonability in order to secure their life, as well as recover out of the many problems they suffer from.

Therefore, the question arises? Are sober living houses good for your neighborhood? If they are trying to help the people in need, then why do locals want to ban their existence in their neighborhoods?

People should not be afraid of the problems that a sober house could be causing in their neighborhood anytime soon. A vital reason for the same? Well, not all sober houses can cause “drama” in your neighborhood. In fact, there are very rare chance of a sober house causing problems and threat to a neighborhood. People should not be afraid of living near a sober house, just in the same way as they are not afraid of living near a hospital. They should drop the pseudo-beliefs that the addicts that are here to recover could be dangerous, and could bring the value of the property down. This is all a sheer lie! The sober living houses are synonymous for a healthy living situation.

A sober living house would comprise of people who just aim at getting healthy, from the “diseases” they suffer from. There is nothing more that affects them, than the lack of faith and trust in them by the people. Addiction is a disease, be it of anything, and the residents of a sober living house are here to cure themselves of the problems and addictions they face. Residents believe the culture of substance abuse and alcoholism would increases with the increases in sober house residents around them, however, this does not hold true for everyone. Sober living houses are known to make sure that their residents work, they make something productive out of their life happen, and also they ensure that the residents are following every major and minor rule. If a resident goes wrong, they are in most cases, expelled from the premise.

Living in sober house might sound like a simple task to many people out there. However, the people inside those houses have their own stories to tell. They have their own damages and brokenness to fix, and to mend their lives altogether. Therefore, a sober house near your York PA neighborhood is only going to increase your sensitization as a human. It going to provide your children of valuable lessons of all kinds. It is going to increase your empathy levels, and the ability to love. When you are in doubt about a sober house near you, just remember, love can fix everything.

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