Why sewer lateral lining repair is the best option in Birmingham, AL?

lateral lining repair

Do you want to know why sewer lateral lining repair is the best option in Birmingham, AL? One frustrating experience as a home or business premises owner is sewer line problems, for example, slow drains and toilet overflow. The reason is that these issues lead to extensive property damage, for instance, Mold growth. One of the best ways to deal with these problems is through carrying out sewer lateral lining repair.

It’s a modern method that doesn’t involve digging to find and fix faulty sewer pipes and lines. It includes finding one opening on the original pipe and introducing a thin and elastic material that’s in molten form into the existing piping system. The molten and elastic material then dries upon along the length of the sewer pipe, blocking any current openings in the old line. This post looks at 5 benefits of this process.

Why Sewer Lateral Lining Repair Is the Best Option in Birmingham, AL

• Cost Effective

Sewer lateral lining is one cost effective way of repairing old sewer pipes. That’s because it involves less digging, minimal workforce and equipment. The result is that you save your money, which you may need for other pressing home needs.

• Less Destruction

Sewer lateral lining in Birmingham, AL doesn’t involve extensive digging since your plumber only has to find one drain pipe opening. It means your landscape won’t get damaged while the structure of your home remains intact.

Bear in mind that lateral lining only needs one small entry point and an exit. Your existing sewer pipe will get repaired using an inversion unit that shoots new liners into the old pipes. The result is improved drainage with minimum damage to your grass.

• Fast

Traditional pipe repair methods take weeks to get completed. However, by choosing the sewer lateral lining method in Birmingham, AL, you will only have to wait a matter of hours. That’s because lateral lining uses superior technology to ensure that there’s no destruction or wastage of time.

• Versatile

Sewer lateral lining is an all-in-one solution when it comes to repairing cracks, missing sections and fissures in your waste water system. Bear in mind that sewer lines get damaged by root intrusion on a regular basis. It also doesn’t involve excavation, which damages your property.

One major benefit of the lateral lining method is that it uses video inspection to ensure it works with pinpoint accuracy. This method can also work on any pipe type, for example, copper or clay.

• Lasts Long

Sewer lateral lining in Birmingham, AL lasts long once you install it on your sewer system. The reason is that the epoxy resin solution hardens in the old pipe as it gets guided; ensuring all cracks and missing sections get sealed.

For instance, this method ensures your sewer system lasts for years. Bear in mind that by adding the new epoxy conduit, your pipes get an additional layer of security.


The above guide on why sewer lateral lining repair is the best option in Birmingham, AL should make you consider contacting your plumbing contractor to find out about their quotes. Make sure you check your budget estimates and read online reviews of lateral lining plumbers for the best results.

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