My Mini Projects


A great number of water pipes comes out from a reinforced concrete wall behind my house.
I've portrait them from a close distance in order to represent them as the entrance of  misterious and dark caves.

I've found an interesting world map in an hostel in Stockholm.
Many customers has signed their favorite world places , their countries or geopolitical issues on it.

A series of photos that portrays shop’s flags covered by black plastic bags.
I found it a very particular phenomena, that reminds me of economic crisis and urban decay.

I’ve found a maquette of residencial building in a dump. I put it in my garden and I started to photograph it periodically for a year untill it disappear.

Installation at Studio_44 Gallery, Genoa

I started to take pictures of scratches on the city map in the Underground Station made by passengers. It’s a sort of impression of how is difficult to find the way in the urban complexity.