Installation of Underwater Lights without Drilling

Underwater Lights

Non-drilled lights let you install underwater LEDs without creating major holes below the waterline. Suitable non-drilled underwater lights include transom mounts and lights attached to trim tabs or drain plugs.

However, keep in mind that these options still require fine drilling, but the hole is much smaller than thru-hull models so it should not damage your vessel.

Installing underwater lights without drilling

Here is your guide to installing the two most popular underwater lights without the hassle of drilling. Simply follow the guidelines for the product you have or talk to your local underwater lighting installations services to get the job done right.

  • Installing transom mounts

First, select the position you’d like to fix your lights making sure they are between 8 – 24 inches below the waterline for the best visual effect.

  1. Use a sander to remove paint from the spot you’re fixing the LED light.
  2. Mark out the position of the light, and if a template is provided, tape it in place securely. This will help you fix the light correctly in the final stages.
  3. Drill a hole for the power cord, then push the power cord through the hole.
  4. When the light is in place, drill fine holes to secure it to your boat.
  5. Add sealant to keep it watertight and fix the light in place.
  6. Tape around the lights in preparation for a paint application.

Finally, carefully hook the cables to a power supply and then check that they work.

  • Installing trim tab lights

Trim tab lights come with a bolt pattern which should fit your current trim tab. All you have to do is remove the two existing bolts on your trim tab.

Next, hold your light in place and bolt your lights.

Next, run the power cable directly up to the boat’s control box. To make this easier and more convenient, you can use zip ties or any other device, to keep the cable secured to the trim tab.

Next, use cable clamps to run your wire up the transom. When you’re making these tiny holes, make sure you use some sealant to ensure your boat is watertight.

Drill a small hole well above the waterline and continue to apply the sealant to the hole to ensure no water can get through.

Go inside and look for a space to secure the control box. If this is challenging, reach out to your local underwater lighting installations services Michigan for expert assistance.

A wide range of options

Non-drilled lights provide you with a range of options without the worry that you have to make messy holes through your boat.

If you’re struggling with underwater lighting installations, or you’d like to talk about other non-drilled alternatives, such as drain plug lights, talk to your local marine installation professional today.

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