Living Room

Sober Living Houses

Why Sober Living Houses Are Not Bad For Your Neighborhood in York PA?

There are seen examples of many people who have a fear of the unknown. One such fear is that of a sober house in the neighborhood of an average York PA residence. When a group of people who are trying to recover from drugs and alcoholism move around your neighborhood […]

bed and breakfast in south jersey

What to consider when choosing bed and breakfast in south jersey?

For true travelers, bed and breakfasts are an excellent choice, and for them opting for bread and breakfast is a great way to spend your vacation in peace, in a calm and serene environment. Bed and breakfasts are a real definition of being comfortable and at home. And for the […]

Termite Control

Six Things You Need to Do While Termite Control in York Pa

If you are suffering from the problem of termites at your place, chances are you are here to know more about the same. You are soon going to have your house tented to get rid of all the termite infestation. Various chemicals go into the process which could harmful for […]

New Living Room Rug And The Trick to Keep It In Place

New Living Room Rug And The Trick to Keep It In Place

Wanted to share a few updates to my living room- new rug, new side table and coffee table (not so new, but new to the blog!). And one more new addition that you can’t exactly see- but it’s holding everything together… This amazing rug pad from Rug Pads USA. I […]